Cannabis Delivery In Louisiana

Cannabis delivery in Louisiana is now available thanks to a new bill that was passed. This means that people who need medical cannabis can now have it delivered to them instead of having to go to a dispensary.

This is a new development, as only recently has the state legalized cannabis for medicinal purposes.

This is a big step forward for patients who may not be able to leave their homes or may not have transportation. Delivery will also make it easier for people to get the medicine they need without having to worry about finding a dispensary.


Medical marijuana delivery in Louisiana is now available statewide!

Whether you’re in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Lafayette, or Shreveport, you can now have your favorite cannabis products delivered right to your door.

With so many options now available, it’s easy to find the perfect strain or product for your needs. Delivery is fast and convenient, so why not give it a try?


At Louisiana Canna & Medical Marijuana, we believe in an informed choice. We make it easy to fit marijuana into your life without forfeiting the lifestyle you deserve.


Get the marijuana that you need online.

We make it easy to order medical marijuana online and we deliver to your door.


Whether you’re a medical marijuana patient or just looking to relax with some recreational weed, we’ve got you covered.

Order Indica and sativa strains and cannabis flower varieties.


Some Marijuana Strains | Louisiana Dispensary Menu

Alien Rock Candy

19.6% THC (Hybrid / 80% indica/ 20% sativa)

Bayou Sunset

17.28% THC  (Indica)


17.63 THC (Indica)

Georgia Pie

20.79% THC (Hybrid)

Grease Monkey

22% THC (Hybrid / 70% indica/30% sativa)

Jenny Kush

28% THC (Indica / Sativa / Hybrid)

Lilac Diesel

18% THC (Sativa / Hybrid)

Member OG

22.38% THC (Indica)

Mandarin Cookies

18% THC (Hybrid / 70% sativa/ 30% indica)

Mandarin Zkittlez

13% THC (60% indica/ 40% sativa)

Pillow Factory

14.86% THC (Hybrid / 50% indica / 50% sativa)


Cannabis Dispensaries In Louisiana


New Orleans, La

H&W Drug Store

Baton Rouge, La

Capitol Wellness Solutions

Lafayette, La

The Apothecary Shoppe

Houma, La

Green Leaf Dispensary

Shreveport, La

Hope Pharmacy

Madisonville, La

Willow Pharmacy, Inc.

Houma, La

Green Leaf Dispensary

Alexandria, La

The Medicine Cabinet Pharmacy

Lake Charles, La

Medicis Pharmacy

West Monroe, LA

Delta Medmar, LLC


Cannabis Delivery In Louisiana available. Patients are able to get their medical marijuana delivered to their property with a valid prescription and proper identification.

Delivery services are providing a much needed service to patients who cannot access dispensaries.

They deliver medical marijuana to patients in Louisiana.

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